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Sandoyartunnilin is open for public

The largest project in the Faroe Islands, which included Eysturoyartunnnilin and Sandoyartunnilin, is now complete and delivered. Sandoyartunnilin opened to the public on December 21, 2023, 4 months ahead of schedule.

The project started with Eysturoyartunnilin, which in total is just under 12km long, equipped with an underwater roundabout, the first in the world.

Eysturoyartunnilin opened on 19 December 2020, 2 months ahead of schedule, although Covid 19 was in circulation throughout the last year of the schedule, affecting both air transport, transport and delivery of equipment, etc.

Sandoyartunnilin is the largest single project that El-Service has been involved in. El-Service was the supplier of all electrical equipment and installation. The pumps and the pipe part were delivered by KJ Hydraulik, while El-Service provided automation for the system.

Key figures:

  • Approx. 160km of cable for installation

  • 88 emergency cabinets with emergency telephone and fire extinguishers

  • 11 technical locations with boards, technical equipment etc. 9 technical locations located inside the tunnel and 2 technical locations outside each portal

  • Automation for 5 Pump stations

  • CCTV system with 175 pcs. camera, AID included

El-Service supplied the following equipment:

UPS system, fire alarm system, speaker system, gas measuring equipment, anemometer, radio and associated radiation cable, road signs, main switchboards and control switchboards, heat detecting cable, fiber network, redundant network system, climate system, guide lighting, ceiling lights, barriers and related automation as well as stop lights.


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