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Fiskeskjer - Retrofit of Alarm System

In 2010, the trawler Voyager was built at Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen. El-Service was the supplier of all electrical equipment and electrical installation.

Now, almost 10 years later, the Vessel has got new Norwegian owners, Strand Rederi, and they have changed the name to Fiskeskjer.

The new owners wanted to have the Alarm System upgraded and included with new functions.

The alarm system contains approx. 600 alarms and signals. El-Service gathered the equipment together at El-Service at Skála. After testing, all equipment was sent to Ålesund where it was installed, tested and where we also carried out the commisioning.

The upgraded system now consists of, in addition to new PLC and PC equipment, Deadman system and Pager system. the Pager system displays every single alarm. Calls to all pagers are also possible. The pagers have a good range and have a signal everywhere on and outside the ship.

the new upgraded system is also included with fuel measurement, to keep track of the oil consumption and log trend back in time.


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