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Fire & Safety

We provide fire protection with Argonite, which is 100% environmentally friendly. The biggest advantage with Argonite is that it is not health damaging and can therefore advantageously be used in areas where people are located, while Argonite is triggered.
Argonite is a type of passive gas species, which contains 50% Argon and 50% Nitrogen. The area to be protected with Argonite must be hermetically closed during extinguishing.

We have to make a drawing of the room for calculating the exact amount of Argonite.

We recommend the use of Argonite as fire extinguishing system in areas of technical equipment with PCs, switchboards, generators etc. where the focus is to avoid downtime of systems. A critical situation can often get worse if the firefighting system is causing damage to essential equipment which has to be running during critical situations. It can be particularly unfortunate if the fire-extinguishing system activates due to smoke while the system consists of sprinklers, because possible water damage from extinguishing system is greater than the smoke damage that triggered the system. This scenario will not arise in the use of our fire extinguishing system as Argonite only consists of gas that suffocates the fire without damaging equipment.

Fire Extinguishing System:
  • Argonite, passive gas

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Recommended for areas with

  • techincal equipment

  • We also provide high quality service

We have supplied and installed Argonite fire extinguishing system in several buildings and onboard ships. In order to assure the customer a high standard and quality, we also offer high quality service on the system.

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