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About Us

P/F El-Service was founded in 1988. John E. Olsen bought the former electrical department free from the local shipyard “Skála Skipasmiðja”. At that time we were only 6 people in the company. Since then the company has grown a lot and when we were the most, we were 35 employees.


In the beginning we mostly worked with the marine industry in the Faroe Islands but shortly after we turned the focus abroad as well. We immediately received several orders on large projects in Denmark. In the period from 1991-1998 we also had large projects in


Africa and Asia in collaboration with the Danish shipyard “Karstensens Skibsværft” in Skagen. These projects were parts of DANIDA projects.
P/F El-Service headquarters are situated in Skála in the Faroe Islands. Due to increased demand abroad, we founded a subsidiary company in Denmark with currently 4 employees.


Our 6 departments:

  • Offshore Department

  • Foreign Department, all projects abroad

  • Installation Department

  • Switchboard Department, switchboards and automation

  • Fire Department, fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems

  • Sales Department, stock and sales

Because of increasing requests in the late 1990s, we moved into a larger building. Our new building has 3 floors, each floor is 1750 square meters. Our departments are on the second floor.

In 1999 we introduced the internationally recognized quality management system ISO 9001. This was to increase the quality of our products and also highly necessary when focusing on the offshore industry. P/F El-Service was the first of its kind in the Faroe Islands to introduce ISO 9001.  Since 2003 the quality system included all of our branches and has changed name to ISO 9001:2008.

Due to the increased demand abroad, we decided in 2007 to start a subsidiary company, El-Service International, in Skagen, Denmark. We also have 3 buildings that are used as offices and accommodation for our employees in Denmark.


Our many years of experience within almost every kind of electrical installation in the Faroe Islands and abroad qualifies us to resolve almost any task within electrical installations and automation systems. Travel opportunities have improved greatly in recent years and we are now able to offer service and inspection tasks abroad. In addition to production and delivery of the main switchboard for the ferry M/F Smyril, we also controlled the inspection of all electrical installation during the construction of the ferry which was built at IZAR Shipyard in Spain in 2005. We have also provided some service tasks around the world on some vessels for the offshore company P/F Thor.

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