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Retrofit Alarmsystem on the Service Vessel M/S Brimil

M/S Brimil was built in Norway in 2001. In 2021, El-Service retrofitted the alarm system. The original system was of the type UMAS, which is now replaced with the system AMC900 from El-Service. In addition to alarm monitoring, the system has implemented sounding system and ORO (Oil Recovery Operation) system.

The new AMC900 is a "State of the Art" system, with all the latest functions within SCADA.

The system is monitored from a 65" monitor, which is divided into 4 squares, where the crew can freely choose which MIMIC images they want displayed in each square.

In addition to this, the system has a playback function, watch system and all alarms via app, automatic reporting to Premaster and more.


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