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M/F Smyril - Retrofit SCADA System

We have now finnished our work on retrofitting the SCADA system on M/F Smyril.

The old SCADA system was based on PCS7 from 2005, with WinCC v5.1 and Siemens 414 PLC's.

The new system now runs with our ACS18ES, which is based on IGSS SCADA software, together with the old 414 PLC's.

The system contains approx. 4.500 objects, with a complete system of mimic pages:

  • Power Management System

  • Tank overview

  • Bilge Alarms

  • Ventilation

  • Pump System

  • Valve Control

  • Watch Control

  • ... and all the standard pages

In addition to our work we got great support from ÅF in Denmark and IGSS support (Schneider-Electric) in Denmark.

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