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We have installed several small and major buildings in the Faroe Islands. For larger buildings where there has been emphasis on comfort and a healthy indoor environment, the electrical installations have become more technical and intelligent, and it has often also included other systems in the buildings such as control of heating, automatic closing of windows etc.

Our primary solution to intelligent light installations has been IHC, which we also have good experience with. 


Intelligent electrical installations may seem expensive to buy, but because it can help to reduce electricity consumption and improve indoor air quality significantly, an investment in intelligent electrical installation usually pays off in the long run, both in terms of economy and health. 

We have most of the equipment for general electrical installation in stock and for sale, but we also have other solutions for electrical installations which are manufactured in our ISO-approved workshop.


El-Service Ltd. is the only electric company in the Faroe Islands which has provided electrical installations for tunnels in the Faroe Islands. In 2007 we had our first tunnel project, the new tunnel Hovstunnilin. State company Landsverk was the owner, while general contractor was the Icelandic company Ístak. Since 2007 we have upgraded two other tunnels,


Leynatunnilin and Norðskálatunnilin, both in terms of lighting, security and control / monitoring. Read more about our work with tunnels by selecting the "Tunnels" on the left.

SALT - Culture Cathedral
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