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El-Service Ltd. is a privately owned company, founded in 1988. In the beginning we were only 8 employees. Today the staff counts 25 employees and the number of staff varies compared to the size of our projects. When the company was at its greatest, the staff total was 48 employees and we had several major projects both in the Faroe Islands and abroad. Although there is prosperity and decline in staff numbers, we have managed to keep the organization stable.

Because of the growing tasks abroad, we decided to start a sister company, El-Service International (El-Service Int.) in Denmark. El-Service Int. has 2 employees.

John E. Olsen

Managing Director

Phone: +298 471902

Mobile: +298 231902

Heini R. Djurhuus

Sales Manager

Phone: +298 471906

Mobile: +298 231906

Janhild K. Olsen


Phone: +298 471900

Mobile: +298 231910

Suni Ernstsson


Mobile: +298 231919

Jákup Marnar Vang

Project foreman

Mobile: +298 231909

Ernst Pólsson

Fire & Safety 

Phone: +298 471907

Mobile: +298 231907

Ólavur K. Olsen

SCADA Development

Mobile: +298 231913

Olaf Ellingsgaard


Mobile: +298 231911

Hanus Thomsen


Mobile: +298 231904

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