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  • Our first tunnel project was in 2007

  • Our latest tunnel project was handed in September 2016.

  • We have provided all electrical eqyipment and installations

  • We have developed a SCADA system that controlls all 4 tunnels


4th tunnel project "Viðareiðistunnilin" was delivered in 2. September 2016, almost a year ahead of original schedule.

The entrepreneurs where Articon from Faroe Islands and LMG in Norway. El-Service delivered all the electrical equipment.

The SCADA system is based on the our SCADA system used in the other three tunnels, but the design for the "Viðareiðistunnilin" is upgraded and has additional functions. The other tree tunnels are also beeing integrated in our new SCADA system.

For all 4 tunnels, we have delivered all the electrical equipment, such as: Switchboards, SCADA, Ventilators, CCTV and Fire & Safety.


Hovstunnilin was our first tunnel project and was finished in 2007. The main ? was Ístak from Iceland.

The Hovstunnil was a new drilled tunnel and is 2.000 meters long and is located in Suðuroy, between Øravík and Hov.


Norðskálatunnilin was the first tunnel for us to upgrade. It was drilled in 1978 and in 2008 it was upgraded with lights, ventilators,  SCADA, Fire and Safety systems.

Norðskálatunnilin is 1900 meters long and located in Eysturoy, between Millum Fjara and Norðskála.


Leynatunnilin was the second tunnel for us to upgrade. It was drilled in 1978 and in 2010 it was upgraded with combined flourecent and LED lights, ventilators, SCADA, Fire and Safety systems.

Leynatunnilin is 800 meters long located between the villiages Kollafjørð and Leynar.

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