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Upgrading Tunnel System

We are upgrading the SCADA system that is controlling 4 tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The old system was based on the Vijeo Citect 7.0 software and the the system is based on IGSS v.12.

There are 4 tunnels implemented in the system, Hovstunnilin, Norðskálatunnilin, Leynatunnilin and Viðareiðistunnilin. Beside all the basic SCADA functions, this new system also has a playback function that makes it possible to playback a scenario, that has happened and this way help solving issues. IGSS also has a butilt-in app for smartphones, that the technician or service personel can watch alarms and other info on the system. IGSS is from Schneider-Electric, read more about IGSS here.

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