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We are upgrading the SCADA system onboard M/F Smyril

We are upgrading the SCADA system onboard M/F Smyril. This is a very special and tecnically difficult task. Most of the work is beeing done wile the ferry is at sea. We do all the testing onboard. All the programing and FAT is carried out on El-Service in Skála. The original systems containes approx. 5.000 I/O, and is based on WinCC 5.0 with Windows NT4 and the new system is based on IGSS v.11 with Windows 10. We always think safety first and will install a parallel network and will this way be able to test the new system while the old system is running also.

The changeover will take place in May 2017 when the ferry wil be docked in Odense, Denmark.

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