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As our company name refers to, we have always placed great emphasis on service. We specialize in the marine industry, but we also offer service to almost all kinds of electrical equipment and systems. In addition to electricians and electrical contractors, our employees also have other relevant education and we are therefore qualified to tackle almost any task inside the electricity industry, both on land and also in the offshore industry.

We have many years of experience in all kinds of service tasks, both in the Faroe Islands and abroad. The local airline company also provides service that improves our fast delivery of service abroad. We have for example made high quality service tasks both in Europe, Africa and America.

Because of our major focus on the marine industry we are able to offer a very high quality standard on service tasks. The marine industry demands quick delivery and versatility.

In addition to providing service during normal working hours, we have a 24/7 service which our customers can contact outside normal working hours. Our 24/7 service has the same phone number as our customer service: +298 471900.

We offer service on different rates, see below:

To all our regular customers we offer 2 different service agreement, customer agreement or project-agreement. Read more about what is included and the difference in the service agreements to the left.

For our customers without any service agreement with, we offer the following rates on the 24/7 service:

24/7-service weekdays:

For customer service weekdays, outside normal working hours, we have an initial charge of 60 euro. Our hourly rate of 24/7 service weekdays is 100 euro, and we charge a minimum of 1 hour for each call

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